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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643

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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643 | 27 December, 2007

Can anyone tell me the differences between the CP6-4000 and the CP643? Is the CP643 able to place a wider component range? Does the CP643 have some sort of vision system while the CP6-4000 doesn't? If anyone has the Fuji Specs on the CP643 and could send them to me that would be great. I haven't had much luck finding anything on my own. Thanks for any help.

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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643 | 27 December, 2007

The CP643 has a 0201 camera and a dual board loading system

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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643 | 1 January, 2008

To get beyond the 36,000 cph threshhold the turret manufacturers had to focus on ways to get the boards in and out of the machine faster. This also included loading more boards inside the worknest. The end result in Fuji's case (CP-643), was a table that was terrible to set up and went through many, many modifications in the field to get it right. It really was a bad design and led to many dissatisfied Fuji users. I'd say if you don't need the additional speed or are not placing 0201's, stick with a low hour, rebuilt CP-6-4000 if you can find one. The other consideration is you will need a much higher skill level tech/operator to keep the CP-643 running and if you are going to change over often you'll hate the CP-643.

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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643 | 16 May, 2009

although the cp643 is much upgraded and a little bit more complicated to those person whos luck of technical skills, i would still prefer to use this machines because it would give you more productivity than cp6400. on the mechanical aspec of these two machines the cp643 is only complicated in its input carrier and output carrier, but the rest of its mecha assy is almost the same as cp6400. by the wan the cp643 device table has cover

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Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643 | 19 May, 2009

The loaders/carriers work well on CP643's in my opinion. We have had ours for about 4 years. However, if you crash them it can be a beeoch to get everything back into proper function.

We have very little issue as long as we have our techs do rail width adjust and set support pins on the X/Y/Z table. Setting the support pins up are a pain in the a$$ because you have to reach over the carriers.

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