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Wave solder fingers- HELP!

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Wave solder fingers- HELP! | 2 January, 2008

Hi everybody,

I am looking for an alternate source of wave solder fingers for our machines Technical Devices Nu/Era. Does anybody know of some other supplier? I tried the ones from JAFCO but did not perform to our expectations.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciate it.

Happy New Year 2008, Allwave

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Wave solder fingers- HELP! | 3 January, 2008

Thanks Pete...very helpful!

Regards, George

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Wave solder fingers- HELP! | 21 August, 2008

Hi, Have you been able to find nate source of wave soldering fingers?I have just started this company and we carry technical devices wave solder finger. Each made of 100% pure titanium and 0.1mm thicker. If you need to try one out of my products .please let me know . Thanks Tam phone# 408-987-1131 Fax#408-493-4249

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Wave solder fingers- HELP! | 27 August, 2008

I have had this problem with my Vitronics wave and looked into alternatives. Kyzen has a product called Cybersolv 8502 that is made specifically for finger cleaning. I found it to work great. They will send a free sample to you of a pint, but I would suggest ordering a gallon as a pint doesnt even fill up past the level sensor on our machine.

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