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XP242 MFU bypass

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XP242 MFU bypass | 10 January, 2008

Hello all, Long time no talk. We just happen to pickup a XP242 the other month and like it so far. Well we have a question for you XP users or anyone that can help. There is a MFU on the XP and I was wondering when the operators pull it out for setup is there a way to bypass using the MFU. As it stands the XP will not operate without it. I would like to run it possibly on bypass for a product and setup the MFU offline. Anyone out there got some used MFU for me to scoop up? I can add more as you all add questions (cause I know you will). I did make the Fuji call and they came back with no possible way to bypass. But I still would like some user feedback on this.

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XP242 MFU bypass | 10 January, 2008

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, I would test Fuji IP machines without the MFU's installed. They have a mechanical switch on the machine so it knows when a MFU is present. But what normally catches everyone is that the locking air cylinders have sensors on them and if the MFU is removed the cylinder will travel past the sensor that shows it is fully engaged in the MFU. I made an insert that went in place of the MFU locating plates that would make the sensor work. I have not worked with the XP machines so I do not know how similar to the IP setup they are.

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XP242 MFU bypass | 13 January, 2008


We setup our XP242 with the MFU still in the machine, and can you just do that?


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XP242 MFU bypass | 14 January, 2008

Yes we could but more room and chance of machine not going into error while on bypass and running.

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