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CP642 Camera replacement

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CP642 Camera replacement | 16 January, 2008

We have a problem with our wide view camera on our CP642. Does anyone have the replacement procedure laying around ? We need to replace it and Fuji is telling us that it is proprietary info. unless you have been to the class. Well we have a few guys that have been to the class years ago but who remembers that stuff.

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CP642 Camera replacement | 16 January, 2008

Try Bill Lockwood at SMT Research. He may have a pdf version of the advanced maintenance book.

Good luck, Jerry

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CP642 Camera replacement | 17 January, 2008

Bill is no longer with SMT Research. The camera cal/replacement on CP6 is better off left to the pros.Unless your techs are VERY familiar with the procedure.

Call Greg Frazier @ 704-995-4591 he is with SMT Resource. Greg has done work for us in the past and we were very satisfied.

Tell him Dave at TTApsco referred you.

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CP642 Camera replacement | 18 January, 2008

I went to class a long time ago and I have the procedures. I just have to find it. Just make sure you maintenance person knows what he or she is doing. It just takes a little patience. E-mail me your fax or phone number

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CP642 Camera replacement | 22 January, 2008

My fax number is 248-848-9462. Any procedure would be appreciated.


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CP642 Camera replacement | 24 January, 2008

Sorry I did not response to you sooner. I will do my best to get that info. to you as soon as possible.

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CP642 Camera replacement | 25 January, 2008

Hey, It's not so bad, but you'll need nozzle jigs to measure camera angle and resolution and also a good dial indicator. I'm pretty sure that I have the pdf's handy as well. send me an email at I'll be able to send you the info you require.

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CP642 Camera replacement | 28 January, 2008

All set. Thanks for providing the procedure.

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