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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues

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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008


Since last Friday i have been having issues with a Quad qsv-1, it all started with a quad align error, i found there to be a small quantity of grease covering the lenses on both quad align sensors. I wiped the grease off and then everything seemed to work fine, until monday. After I finished the job I was working on I loaded the next job and received a Qsoft.exe error, a page fault or something I don't remember anymore. I replaced the calibrat.cfg file with a backup we had stored elsewhere. Then proceeded to load all the feeders and Vibe bases into the machine. After teaching all the pockets and inserting my first board it placed about 300 components and then it quit running. The error it gave was (Head#1 Qalign Failure on D13[8]QA Error: Bad Alignment.. Side 2 Failure). I checked all the connections on the Qalign units and everything seemed to be fine, rebooted and ran another board. This time it only placed about 100 components and then it quit again, same error but on Head 2 and a different component. I have tried recalibrating both quad align units and Qqlign 1 gives me a message to check image FOV? (no clue how to do this) Qalign calibrates fine.

Ok i tried running at 70% speed (saw this mentioned in another thread) any idea why i cant run at 100% speed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008

Here is a few things to try....

1. Spin the z-shaft with your fingers and make sure it is smooth and easy to turn. 2. Check your handling in your profile for the part that the software is locking up on.......You cannot go any slower than 40% or this type of error can happen. 3. Clean the quadalign lens again (both sides) with a stencil wipe and alcohol....then use a dry one to clean the haze off.

Good luck

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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008

Thanks for the info.

I called Mike Tieman earlier and he recommended I do the exact same things. He said that there should be very little resistance on the theta of the Z-rods, (not the case) so he recommended that the P4 head be replaced.

Mike is a great guy by the way, have dealt with him in the past he just had no cell reception this morning.

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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008

I have seen the bad alignment error many times and never had to replace the head for it. It usually has something to do with the laser windows being dirty or cracked. Also it could be your profile settings. Make sure all of these things are perfect before you consider replacing the head.


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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008

Additionally, I have seen the bad align error from incorrect pickup Z. Quad align can freak out sometimes if it sees something it doesn't like. If all else fails I just reboot and 99% of the time the problem goes away.

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quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues | 23 January, 2008

It's not the z pickup or profile bot thanks for the help, I think Mike is right. I have used these profiles hundreds if not thousands of times in the past and never had an issue. Also it was different components and different profiles almost every time. the z pickups were not an issue either. After slowing down the Z axis and the theta I haven't had a problem yet. (except placing 1000 parts per hour less then normal)

By slowing down the Z and Theta it gives more time for the component to be in the correct location when the Laser scans the part. So it's just a matter of time before it stops working all together, or so it would seem.

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