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Solder fountains - opinions

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Solder fountains - opinions | 31 January, 2008

We manufacture products that are double sided SMT (double sided reflow) and then have through-hold connectors attached to several of the sides. Currently we solder the connectors by hand, which works fine but takes a lot of time. I'm tempted to get a manual solder fountain - something like

If anyone has experience using these in production, I'd love to hear it. It seems like I could save several minutes per board.

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Solder fountains - opinions | 1 February, 2008

You could also try Wenesco and Air Vac. I have experience on the Air Vac PCBRM10 and PCBRM12. They work great. You have to make sure your nozzle or flow well is designed correctly. For 50 mil pitch and greater, they work well. If you have to remove the connector for rework, the Air Vac PCBRM12 will blow the holes clean for you also. Not sure if Air Vac still makes the PCBRM10 anymore or not.

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