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SMT Adhesive and Other

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SMT Adhesive and Other | 7 February, 2008

We don't have one of those cool air compressed syringes to dispense adhesive. We have to do it by hand. My question is does anyone have any suggestions on syringe size, needle size etc... for successful deposition of SMT adhesive? I know you can go smaller needle sizes with compressed air, but how small can you go without it? We use this just for larger, odd components during second side reflow to keep them from falling off. Is there any other neat new products to use in this situation? I know some people use Wondermask WSOL and completely cover the component. I have never had success with this and I have seen it contaminate the solder joints if it gets on them. Makes them really ugly. I was just going to purchase some regular syringes, but wanted to check and see if anything new or better has developed for this issue. thx b

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SMT Adhesive and Other | 8 February, 2008

I would think that you could quite easily use 0.6mm I/D nozzles even when using a hand syringe. As you say you are only using this for larger devices to prevent them from falling off. I am sure there are very reasonably priced small compressed air units that would be beneficial in the long term though. Probably pick up a 2nd user for peanuts.

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SMT Adhesive and Other | 11 February, 2008

We use EFD pneumatic dispensers. Several are second hand from our favorite online auction site. I just checked on there and there are 3 units currently less than $50. Have the bean counters where you work get you one. Tell them your hand hurts from using a manual syringe. :)

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SMT Adhesive and Other | 11 February, 2008

Don't forget to mention Repetitive Stress Syndrome and short term disability claim costs.

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