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PCB Depaneling Router

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PCB Depaneling Router | 26 February, 2008

We're in the market for a new depaneling router for high volume flex circuit builds. I have no experience with them. At this time, we do all our low volume stuff on a 3-axis mill. Any advice on what to consider and some recommendations of the best machines to read up on?

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PCB Depaneling Router | 26 February, 2008

Several methods are available for singulating or extricating individual flexible circuits from a processed panel; this discussion of the topic applies to all types of flexible circuits. In general, the methods for singulating flex circuits can be branched along two main lines: dynamic, vectorbased cutting methods, represented by routers, lasers, water jet cutters and numerically controlled blade cutters, and punching methods, which include Class-A tools, steel rule dies and a �new� category of etched cutting dies. The choice of which technology to use is often a trade-off where convenience, tolerance requirements, and product volume must be factored into the equation. [Flexible Circuit Technology; Fjelstad, J; BR Publishing 3e 2007 [9780979618901]]

semi-automatic and fully automatic router manufacturers: * * * *

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PCB Depaneling Router | 28 February, 2008


PCB Depaneling Router | 29 February, 2008

For those wanting to fill-out their basic understanding of flexible circuits, there's a pdf version of Joe Fjelstad's 3rd edition of "Flexible Circuit Technology" is available for download here:

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PCB Depaneling Router | 3 March, 2008

There are different options for de-paneling routers. There are two basic types, in-line and stand-alone. Do you need in-line for high volume? The stand-alone systems have manual insertion trays, one or two trays.

Also, after de-paneling or laser marking, dust removal is required. One company, Eunil, makes a small in-line waterless dust remover that uses ionizers and vacuum to remove particles. See

After service an important issue that you should not overlook. I can link you up if you would like a quote.


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