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Old m/c

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Old m/c | 14 March, 2008

Is it a good investment to keep machine over ten years old or maybe even older? My job is to keep these machine in tip top shape but very little money to spend on parts. Which is better buying spare part or buying new machine?

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Old m/c | 14 March, 2008

Well, new machines have some really cool new features. If you're talking about screen printers, they have really come a long way, esp with inspection. But then again - it depends on your end product and work order size.

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Old m/c | 16 March, 2008

We have this machine. It is a dream when it is working. We purchased from a larger company in town. Their in house service guy was servicing it for us whenever we could get a hold of him. There is an issue with the camera track. High pitched wining/ won't move. Anyway, he came out to fix it , but we had problems again shortly after. Haven't been able to get him back and the company won't pay a real service tech to come out and get it running. So it just sits there looking pretty for tours and we hand screen everything. Great huh? Anyway... the machine ran fantastic when it ran. If I had a working one I would hold onto it for sure. B

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Old m/c | 17 March, 2008

1. Check the vision gantry motor. 2. Check the cards, and trying to swap the card to see if it still having problem, if it is, then the motor itself is bad. It doesn't come cheap either.

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Old m/c | 17 March, 2008

You might also try pulling the vision gantry and/or the camera cube off the machine, remove the air nozzles, clean them, and reinstall. They are easy to lose - be carefull. It's possible the air hockey "air pad" that these things are riding on is uneven and the parts are getting stuck on the gantry rails. Clean the gantry rails when done.

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Old m/c | 18 March, 2008

That AP can paste 0201's and has built in 2D. I would keep it. The AP series "forcers and platens" design is a bit fragile, but reliable and tends to last a long time. My biggest complaint is the cheap air hoses to the 3 forcers. After about 8 years they become brittle and break.

1. Make sure you have about 68psi to each forcer (the 3 regulators at the rear of machine) 2. Do you hear air leaks? (broken hoses?) 3. If your air supply to the forcers is solid, it is probably a bad driver. They are all interchangable, except "tactile", so it should be easy to troubleshoot. You will have to change the DIP switch settings if you move drivers around.

If you still can't fix it you can give me a call. I would be happy to walk you through some other possibilities. 918-851-3370.

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Old m/c | 19 March, 2008

I appreciate the suggestions. I don't mean to hyjack this thread. I will try and get some time to look into this while you guys are around. I am knee deep in maintainence overhaul on a QSA-30 right now. Vac sensors not calibrated, oil in the vacuum generators, most of the cals on the machine are off. I am just about ready to fire it up and see if my new cal numbers work. B

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