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Fuji feeder E-clips

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

Does anyone know of an after market source for the E-clips that hold the tape covers on CP and IP feeders. I am sure I can dig something up I just figured I'd ask ya'all first.

Fuji PN: S1021A

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

Ahhhhh yes. I remember those well. We referred to them as "Geez" clips though. (Because when you went to snap them on, if they slipped at all, they'd go flying and you'd most often end up saying "Geez!!!") We bought metric Geez-Clips, (I believe they were 3mm), but we found they did not work as well as the Fuji Geez Clips.

Hope this helps!

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

I found them.

McMaster PN : 98543A103 That is for the black phosphate finished ones. You can get them in different finishes if you want.

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

That was something sitting in the back of my minD. Thanks for the part number. Now I have to ask, does anyone have an aftermarket place for operators that treat the feeders well? I am in need of a few of them

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

When I worked for a larger manufacturer that had multiple lines and multiple shifts we had this problem. Then we trained and rotated all of the operators through feeder maintenance. After having to fix 100 or so feeders from operator damage they usually got the idea.

- Jerry

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 2 April, 2008

Sr. Tech,

We have a IP III on one of our lines. We were hand placing an Samtec SMT connector MMT-108-01-T-DH series. I asked our SMT tech to get the IP to place it & he said we need tabs on the connector. So we got the "tab" version. Now he is not able to get the vision system to identify the part correctly & has managed to get the m/c to pick the part without tab. Could u shed some light on how to get the connector with tab recognised so it can be picked up.


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Fuji feeder E-clips | 3 April, 2008

I am not a real master of odd connectors, but I am pretty sure that Fuji will write you a PD free of charge if you send it to them. I have sent them parts before that I coulnd not figure out.

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Fuji feeder E-clips | 4 April, 2008

Vision number 254

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SMT connector | 9 April, 2008

Hi Send me a picture with some dimensions directly to of fax to our head office i will create one for you f.o.c

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