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SMT Lead-Free Reflow

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SMT Lead-Free Reflow | 15 April, 2008

We currently are using an older Electrovert Convection 7-Zone reflow oven for our Lead-Free assemblies. It has a maximum per zone Temperature setting of 280 Degrees C. This is causing an issue with one particular customer who has a fairly dense product that we're forced to run in Process Carriers. I have a very hard time reaching my minimum peak temp (as specified by my solder paste manufacturer) without over-soaking the assembly. (Soak times of twice the manufacturer's recommendations.) So...I'm in the process of having a new oven quoted. Each of my respectable Sales Reps have told me that they don't believe that I need to go to a 10-Zone Oven. That I can accomplish everything I need in a shorter 7-Zone oven because new ovens have Peak Temp Settings of 350 Degrees C. (We are currently a Low Volume, High Mix Facility, and do not have any issues with through-put restrictions due to oven conveyor speed settings) My question is this, of the Low Volume, High Mix shops out there, what size ovens are you using? And are you having problems getting your lead-free products up to the recommended Peak Temperature? (I understand that this is a leading question, and everyone's assemblies and ovens are different, but I'm just trying to get a general idea) I'd appreciate any feedback that you'd all like to share.


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SMT Lead-Free Reflow | 15 April, 2008


We run with two five zone ovens , so far we have managed fine.

Like yoursleves , we are not under pressure for high thru put but I have no doubt this is something that we will have to look at in the future.

What sort of settings do you have at the moment ? can you do anything with the carriers - reduce material etc.


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