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MSL on label

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MSL on label | 16 April, 2008


I found on label two information about MSL level :

MSL-2 - 240C MSL-3 - 260C

Does it corresponds to SnPb and Pb-free ?


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MSL on label | 17 April, 2008

Those components can be soldered at both SnPb and Pb Free Reflow process.

In case you will submit them to Pb Free Reflow temperature you must treat those components as MSL-3

In case you will submit them to SnPb Reflow temperature, you must treat them as MSL-2


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MSL on label | 18 April, 2008

I'm curious if anyone has figured out a clever way to errorproof this. We're exempt from RoHS so we have mostly SnPb products but some Pb free ones at customer request. Of course, we have methods to control moisture sensitive parts, but I worry that an operator will accidentally follow the SnPb MSL label with a Pb free product. The obvious thing would be to have someone cross out the SnPb MSL label soon after receiving, but we have some parts that are used in both SnPb and Pb free products. Some parts go from MSL 3 to MSL 4 or higher so we don't want to unnecessarily penalize the lines using the part in SnPb assemblies.

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