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Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable

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Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable | 21 April, 2008


Does anyone know what kind of cable the thinline profiler uses? I recently acquired one of these profilers, but it came with no cables. I went out and bought a female to female serial cable, but it did not work. It will not communicate with my PC. Is it a special kind of cable? I found only RS232 Null modem cables at my electronics store. Are these the right kind of cables, or should I be looking for something different? Thanks for your help.

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Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable | 25 April, 2008

If you know a little about electronics, you can probably figure it out. Or just buy one from Mole. Do you have software? More than likely you will have receive, ground, and transmit. Open up the Mole if you can and look for the RS232 chips(Max232 maybe)or combination of chips. Determine what lines are transmit and receive and ground. Make the cable. Also, this product might have been software protected with a serial dongle. You will need the dongle if it is protected. If DOS based, run the software on a old PC 25 Mhz if you have one.

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Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable | 2 May, 2008

The cable required for the Thinline has to work as a true RS232 interface as the unit uses all the capabilities of RS232. You will have several problems with substitutes. These cables (part number e00-2787-26) are still avaliable from ECD, the home of the M.O.L.E. Profiler. The price is $95.00 USD. Contact them at

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