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DEK 265 Horizon

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DEK 265 Horizon | 4 May, 2008

Hi all,

I recently acquired a year 2000 dek 265 horizon. It has a manual screen loader with that stupid hand crank adjustable stopper. Can anyone tell me how I am supposed to measure the stencil image dimensions for a front justified stencil? Now on a 2007 Horizon 02i the distance to a front justified stencil image is measured from the rear of a 737mm stencil to the front edge of the image. This number is then transferred over to the adjustable stopper. This number does not match with any setpoints on the 265 Horizon. I am told that the numbers on the handcrank stopper on the 265 horizon are for center justified stencils only. This is true, but there has to be a formula to be able to use front justified double image stencils. Please help! Thanks.

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DEK 265 Horizon | 5 May, 2008

We use double image stencils with our DEK Horizons. My operators would just load the pcb on to the rials and manually adjust the stencil and clamp it. Once they do that they add into the comments what number the handcrank adjustable is at so next time it is ran they have it. Hopefully this sheds a lil light on the subject for ya.

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DEK 265 Horizon | 5 May, 2008

Assuming you have the scale that corresponds with Board Width for center justified stencil. Formula would be:

2 x (distance to image {mm} - 368) = Board Width (setting on scale)

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