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Speaking of Lead

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

For those of you who are unaware, I have an important topic regarding the EPA and your leaded processes. If your company disposes of 100lbs of lead a year (no matter if you do it by the books), you must file a one (1) page document with the EPA. If you do not, you will get fined. Read this article:

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

So you blamed the president of the United States for this?

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

Why not. He's an easy target, just look at him. Like a deer caught in the headlights.

But what do you think about the other info? About the EPA. Did you know that when asked if we could inform other local companies of their policy, they told us no. No in a very stern and abrasive manner. The EPA does not want companies knowing this information, because if we did know, they wouldn't be able to get any money out of us.

What is your stance on the issue at hand?

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

This is strange EPA is not out to fine companies but to enforce regulations. We are in the solder and flux business and get audits at least twice a year. We are not perfect (yet) so there are times that we have non compliances. When that happens we get one month to get into compliance and if one month is not enough we can get an extension. Its only when you don�t communicate with the inspectors or ignore the problem you get fined.

At least that�s our experience.

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

OK, you may be using this forum for your political rants - but if not, I will appease you one more time:

Issue one at hand: Blame a political leader for my mistakes. I wish it were that easy. I'd blame Oprah for my top side wetting issues.

Issue two at hand: EPA is a Communist Organization that can silence people at will: I've dealt with them on several occasions. Yes they are a government run company and yes they are not easy to get along with. But what government run organization is (it doesn't matter if they are Dems or Reps)? They are rude because look at all the other people they deal with? 90% of the other people they deal with are either morons or trying to get away with something. Plus most people that can't get a job on their own seem to find a way to get a job with the government.

But they cannot force you to not talk or discuss about a legal document that you find out about on the internet. The only way they can stop you is through legal means. The person "telling" you that you cannot discuss inform the public about a legal released document was absolutely wrong.

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

The Chinese EPA can be "bought!"

They'll allow the continuation of acid rain, de-forestation, and dumping old PCs and monitors in their landfills... IF AND ONLY IF... the price is right!

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Speaking of Lead | 7 May, 2008

The reason my company was fined, was because they faile to file a one page document stating that they disposed of more than 100lbs of leaded solder in a year.

The fine was not for creating toxic waste, as we diposed of the solder PROPERLY in accordance with local EPA and OSHA standars using a recommended disposal company. We were not in violation of that, just in violation of Not letting the federal EPA now that what we DID dispose of was in excess of 100 lbs.

There was nothing illegal going on, and no shady practices going on. Please, I encourage you to read the article closely and decipher the text given.

I appologize about making a political joke too, I didn't think it would get so many people riled up. It was a joke, get over it. The only thing I wanted to do here is inform others of something that could cause their company tens of thousands of dollars, simply because the EPA is not informing you of a simple one page doc.

Thank You.

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Speaking of Lead | 8 May, 2008

Hi Adam,

I'm not riled up. I vote, but I have never voted for a person that I really liked or trusted. Guess that's the character of our government these days. That said, I find it rediculous that you got fined for improper paper work. I agree with you, it shouldn't have happened. Can you fight it? Like Pat said earlier - you generally have a time period to get such things fixed.

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Speaking of Lead | 8 May, 2008

The rep from the EPA told our director of operations that it can not be faught. Apparently he was really rude and basically said (with his team of over paid lawyers there of course) that the one company that tried to fight one of these fines ended up paying MORE than the original fine.

The rep also very sternly informed us that we are NOT allowed to form any campain that would warn other companies of this information. I am allready working on a letter to our local congressman, because if you ask me, that is just shady.

What makes it worse, we sent a retraction to the newspaper that printed the article, and they refused to print it. Hmmm. What is up with that.

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Speaking of Lead | 8 May, 2008

This sounds really fishy. But of course we only hear one side of the story. Again the EPA is not out there to fine companies UNLESS everything else fails.

You say �The rep also very sternly informed us that we are NOT allowed to form any campaign that would warn other companies of this information�.

What happened with the first amendment????????? You don't need permission of anyone to communicate with other companies or individuals.

Have you spoken to anyone higher up the EPA ranks?

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Speaking of Lead | 9 May, 2008

So what is the document number and where can it be found?

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Speaking of Lead | 9 May, 2008

Link to the TRI reporting requirements:

In contradiction to the more stringent TRI reporting requirements, I read an article not too long ago that the EPA was considering taking lead of the toxic heavy metals list. Since the ban of lead in gasoline and paint, lead levels found in humans has dropped drastically, concluding that all other current applications of lead can be considered safe.

I have been in direct contact with leaded solder for over 20 years and lead levels in my blood are non detectable. The doctor told me that I had to watch more how many burgers I touched and eat then how many solder bars I handled (cholesterol was high but lead not detectable)

If I find the EPA article I will post it.

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Speaking of Lead | 15 May, 2008

This is just too strange and shady. The EPA can not tell you not to release certain information that is otherwise public even if its unknow. If it did, it would be in breach of the constitution and its own internal codes of condut, ethics or whatever you want to call it. You could actually fight back, but sadly with legal costs and considering they are a government agency, it would probably ruin you, and chances are you are more interested in manufacturing than get into a legal battle with the EPA.

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Speaking of Lead | 17 May, 2008

I believe this was a ultra wing attempt to open political arguments. I have had many dealings with the EPA, because the company I work(ed) for screwed up. The EPA allows you time to fix things, will fine you if needed and can shut you down if required. Each and every time i had the pleasure of dealing with them, they never posted newspaper articles or told us to keep quite "or else".

Then again I don't have black helicopters and vans following me around. It's the green ones you have to look out for now, right?

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Speaking of Lead | 18 May, 2008

I spent a lifetime around people that always seemed to be able to pin any and all shortcomings they had in life on the President of the US. guessed it...I'm from California.

I've come to the conclusion that people simply don't realize how stupid they sound when they make such claims. But hey.......whatever it takes to get you through the day is my motto.

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