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CM SIC code

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CM SIC code | 7 May, 2008

Whould anyone know what business SIC code is used for an electronics contract manufacturer?


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CM SIC code | 7 May, 2008

Maybe 3990

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CM SIC code | 7 May, 2008

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code are sorta pass�. In 1997, the US Census Bureau replaced SIC with NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) in the US. See

NAICS code 334418 Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing. This US industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in loading components onto printed circuit boards or who manufacture and ship loaded printed circuit boards. Also known as printed circuit assemblies, electronics assemblies, or modules, these products are printed circuit boards that have some or all of the semiconductor and electronic components inserted or mounted and are inputs to a wide variety of electronic systems and devices. The data published with NAICS code 334418 include the following SIC industries: * 3661 Telephone and telegraph apparatus (pt) * 3679 Electronic components, n.e.c. (pt)

NAICS Industry||NAICS Product||NAICS Title||SIC Product 334418||334418||Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) mfg|| ||334418P||Primary products|| ||3344184||Consumer external modems|| ||334418A||Printed circuit assemblies, loaded boards or modules||3679E ||334418A1||Computer and peripheral printed circuit assemblies||3679E01 ||334418A2||Communications printed circuit assemblies||3679E02 ||334418A3||Other printed circuit assemblies||3679E03 ||334418SM||Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts|| ||334418M||Miscellaneous receipts|| ||334418S||Secondary products||

For Eurolanders, NACE is a EU classification scheme. NACE stands for "Nomenclature Generale des Activites Economiques dans I`Union Europeenne" (General Name for Economic Activities in the European Union). [We don't understand why it's not NGDAEDIE, but who can figure the Euros anyhow. At least, we understand adding the 'C' in NACE because it occurs 3 times in the 8 word title. That part makes sense.] Look here:

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