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GEM interface

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GEM interface | 9 May, 2008

HI All,

I am looking for a way to poll my 4796B machines for management data. Does anyone have experience with programs or custom programming of the GEM interface?


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GEM interface | 17 May, 2008

I would suggest You to Contact UIC S/W development department in Germany and ask for Peter Raab. European Headquarters � Neu-Isenburg, Germany Phone: +49 (0)6102-8822-0

Normally I guess that one asked such a question here, just because of not to be overcharged and I would agree.

However, we have been in this situation before with a Sanyo 4796B and at the end it turned out to be very much cheaper, rather than trying to do everything by ourself.

GEM/SECS interface is a little bit of a complex matter. 2 Questions: 1.) GEM/SECS I or GEM/SECS II? 2.) What platform i.e Linux, Win-NT etc.?

Contact me if You are interested in SECS/GEM Interface Option for Fluidmove for Windows NT Reference Manual. 212 pages in a 1.06MB PDF-file.

There is also a free Evaluation Tool at:

We have no benefit or what so ever with anybody mentioned by name here. Sincerly, Mika

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