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Rheometric pump head on MPM HiE

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Rheometric pump head on MPM HiE | 21 May, 2008

I have been confronted with a MPM with a rheometric pump head on and have not had much to do with these. It is giving varying results on the down line paste AOI and is not responding very much to changes in pressure, speed etc. It is a 16inch pump, what parameters would you expect to see set? Any other tweaks you have come across that make these pumps work better. Management has told me going to squeegee blades is not an option.

Thanks Steve.

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Rheometric pump head on MPM HiE | 21 May, 2008

Solderpaste types have a big effect on print performance. Go to this link to see if the solderpaste you are using has been tested, see "Rheometric Pump Paste Tests" under MPM:

MPM tech support will likely give you good advice on parameter settings, call 800-737-8110, or e-mail them at

Also, having the correct pump head blade width vs board width makes a big difference too, like if you have 16" pump head and printing 6" wide boards- too much solderpaste will get impacted in the head.

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Rheometric pump head on MPM HiE | 23 May, 2008

One thing that has to be considered when using rheometric pumps is that the board support should match as that of the pump head being used. You can print 6" boards, but you should really still use board supports upto 16". As mentioned previously if this isn't the case you find you will get 'dead' areas of paste in either end of the pump which dry out fairly rapidly and cause problems. Some of the most critical parameters connected to the rheo pump are downstop and snap off, pressure/speed as highlighted don't seem to have a great effect on this system. Also, through experience I have found that contrary to belief these systems are very maintenance intensive.

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