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The $38 Billion Blunder

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The $38 Billion Blunder | 23 May, 2008

see attachment (no further comments)


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The $38 Billion Blunder | 24 May, 2008

Interesting report Pat. But to play Devils Advocate (as I have seemed to become on this site) is there a report from the top notch, been there done that, government officials that can say no-lead has made the world a better place?

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The $38 Billion Blunder | 28 May, 2008


If you ever come across such a report please let me know. As you already know RoHS (lead free) was not based on any scientific evidence that lead in electronics was bad for health or environment. WEEE would have been the right way to go �encourage recycling�. The EU commission used the simple logic that if lead in fuel and paint is bad it must be bad in electronics. The USEPA did a lifecycle study for the use of lead in electronics and found that all alternatives for lead in electronics were more damaging to the environment compared to lead.

We had many discussions on this before here in the forum but I can�t find them anymore.

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The $38 Billion Blunder | 28 May, 2008

Funny how politicians always "shoot science down" to help support their own causes!

Other politicians manipulate data to help support their cause AND make a killing off it in the process.


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The $38 Billion Blunder | 28 May, 2008


In attachment some hard facts about how environmental friendly some politicians are. You might be surprised with the outcome.


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The $38 Billion Blunder | 6 June, 2008


The Riley Report caught me a little off-guard. At least in perspectives from Japan, the environmental impact of soluble Pb and groundwater contamination outweigh the costs of Pb-Free. Pb0 + HN03 (acid rain) -> Pb(N03)2 + H20.

In any case I can understand that $38billion spent has done nothing to clean up the Pb legacy. Although the world chose Pb-free as an approach for now, it may change in time.



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