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PCB conformal coating

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PCB conformal coating | 2 July, 2008

Hi Guys,

I have few question would like to ask regarding pcb conformal coating: 1. Can I know which masking material is the best for easy apply, fast cure, fast & easy to remove after coating & baking. And no chemical reaction which will whiten the component such as connector.

2. what kind of material cover will help to against penetration of coating material without apply any masking material.

3. Any good measurement equipment can measure wet or dry thickness with fast, accurate & able to check small area (within 1 to 2mm) instad of using jig, caliper or dig micrometer.

Thanks & Best Regards,

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PCB conformal coating | 3 July, 2008

Re: item 3 - there are ultrasonic thickness machines (Panametrics makes one) that can measure coating dry with a small transducer head. A little pricey for ones that measure reliably in the .003" +/- .002" range.

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PCB conformal coating | 4 July, 2008


1. we use John C. Dolph company - AC-46 on production line. I dont get any benefits advertising this on forum (but I`d wish to ;)

2. we use stickers, or other hand made tools to cover areas from AC-46 - it depednds on need for project.

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