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Baking SMT Components

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Baking SMT Components | 17 July, 2008

We are baking the moisture out of our ic chips. They are on tape and reel. Can we bake them on tape and reel or do we have to put them in trays?

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Baking SMT Components | 17 July, 2008

The recommended bake temperature for components in Tape and Reel is 40C. If you use a bake temperature higher than that, the cover tape and other elements of the packaging will degrade to the point that it becomes impossible to reliably use an automated tape feeder afterwards.

To determine the required bake duration for your specific application, refer to the industry standard for use and handling of Moisture Sensitive Devices, IPC/JEDEC Joint Standard 033B.1. Table 4-1 of this standard provides �Reference Conditions for Drying Mounted or Unmounted SMD Packages�. Table 4-1 illustrates that required bake duration is dependent on the following variables:

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL), Component Body Thickness, Length of time since component�s Floor Life has expired (i.e. more or less than 72 hours?), Certain guidelines are different for BGAs and Stacked Die Packages, in comparison to other package types. If the 40C bake duration specified by Table 4-1 is unacceptably long, then your best bet is to remove the components from tape and reel and bake them in bulk at 125C. Bake durations at 125C are significantly shorter, and are also listed in Table 4-1. After baking in bulk you can have the components re-packaged into Tape and Reel, or Matrix Tray, or arrange to have them hand-placed. The most logical choice depends on the specific application, component body size, and quantity of components that you�re dealing with.

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Baking SMT Components | 28 July, 2008

Hi Debra.Baking must be above the evaporation temp of water.This leads to an oxidation problem on the components and affects solderability.Please follow the link and check out Totech on that page.

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