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Box Build/ Wiring/ Terminal Blocks Assembly Drawings???

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Box Build/ Wiring/ Terminal Blocks Assembly Drawings??? | 19 July, 2008

I have alot of experience creating assembly drawings for SMT and THT products. However, we are now doing very large ,complicated box builds that have many terminal blocks, point to point and cable harnesses. It is my job to create these assembly documents in a very simplified way so that the assemblers are as efficient as possible and potential for errors minimized. I have seen examples of this type of documentation in the form of: 1.Engineering schematics (too complicated and time consuming for a regular assembler to decifer) 2.Point to point spread sheet. (this seems pretty easy and straight forward, but provides no visual aid..this is also good because it can encompass wire gauges and color or wire PNs) 3.Digital photgraphs (this is a great visual aid that shows color and routing) 4. Blown up wiring diagram of one particular sub assembly for each station. (not sure if a digital photo or wiring schematic would be best here. Not sure if too much information can be crammed on one diagram.)

Can anyone please provide examples of your assembly instructions for station to station and sub assemblies that have worked well for your assemblers and processes.

I am not sure if I need to break it down into sation by station (obviousely the best way to minimize errors, but creates a lot of documentation to control OR if there is a format that is a happy medium without being over kill.)

Thank You,


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Box Build/ Wiring/ Terminal Blocks Assembly Drawings??? | 24 July, 2008

I use Publisher to create work instruction with pictures and text boxes containing the part numbers and descriptions of the parts for that assembly . Then use arrows to show their location on the picture If the assembly is complex you might need to take pictures from different angles to show all the details. I have found that it is best to have several pages than trying to put everything on one page. Pictures work best when you have a work force that doesn't speak or read your language


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Box Build/ Wiring/ Terminal Blocks Assembly Drawings??? | 29 July, 2008

I know your pain all to well. We currently use bmps or jpgs and group them by station (for case assembly) We do this for inspection purposes. Sad truth is most people on the line end up becoming the "sole builder" of the product and decide they have a better method. They dont notify the goup that makes the documentation so the nice instructions you made are for crap.

I think this is going to need to be determined by your staffing, volume, and quality needs. If you need visibility, have a very thorough document laid out, piece by piece. If not, a basic 1 or 2 sheets given to the operator may be enough.

Wire harness assembly instruction I would labor over always. Routing power is serious and product could be scrapped to to poor instructions. I would suggest a color coded diagram (drawn in something like paint, photoshop, word, etc.) that gives each wire a reference and a place to go. Make the wires the same colors on the instruction as they are on the actuall assembly.

Sometimes it is important to spend some extra care on the documentation. You never know who is going to be reading them in the future. They should be understood by everyone and have almost no extra interpertation.

Al the best!

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