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Scrapping Electronic PCB's

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Scrapping Electronic PCB's | 24 July, 2008

Hi Guys,

I was asked by our QA Supervisor on how to scrap electronics boards. We have Populated PCB's that are already scrapped and would like to permanently mark them that they are Scrapped...

Is there any recommended method of marking scrap PCB's with AS9100?

any suggestions?

thanks and regards

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Scrapping Electronic PCB's | 25 July, 2008

we would spray paint them red

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Scrapping Electronic PCB's | 25 July, 2008

My plan is to remove as much of the parts as possible and reuse them. Once removed I plan to fix the baord as well. Now have a fresh board to build too.Just about every part can be reworked these days. Even BGAS. Most boards can be redone so that they are good as well. Well it depends on whats wrong with them. I once had these boards that got too hot once and they were burnt. Never smoke next to alcohol based spray fluxers! If you can't scrap em for parts then you should grind em up. Being green is the way to go!

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Scrapping Electronic PCB's | 26 July, 2008

Services, Recycling, Electronic boards * American Scrapmetal; 7120 Rufe Snow Dr, Suite 106-184, Fort Worth, Tx 76148; 817-891-5297 * Clean Harbors, Inc; 1501 Washington St, PO Box 859048, Braintree, MA 02185-9048; 800-444-4244 * Chemical Waste Management, Central Customer Service, 3003 Butterfield Rd, Oakbrook, IL 60521; 800-843-360 * BFI Industrial Waste Services, Central Customer Service, 225-778-3800 * Fox Electronics, 686 North King Road, San Jose, CA. 95133-1709; 408-929-4369 F408-929-4373 * Metallic Resources, Inc., 2116 Enterprise Pkwy., PO Box 368, Twinsburg, OH 44087 216-425-3155 F216-425-2180 Eric Ozan * Micromet (Noranda), 1695 Monterey Hwy., San Jose, CA 95112; 408-998-4930 F408-998-5033 Stephen Skurnac * United Recycling Industries; 3700 North Runge Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131; 800-323-1574 F847-455-3232



* General Alloys; 135 West Wiley Ave, Washington, PA 15301; 724-228-8654

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