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Voiding issue

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Voiding issue | 24 July, 2008

Hi, Now we also facing voiding issue after rework .But this only happen to 1 BGA from diffrent PCBA.We also already change 3 type solder paste and fine tune the profile follow solder paste spec but problem intermitten happen again.Pls help to advice me the best solution to solve. We already keep try and try nearly 2 month ago but until now can't get the best solution.


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Voiding issue | 25 July, 2008

From what I can understand, you say this only happens on one type of BGA (?). Try baking this BGA. You may have out gassing during rework. Do you use tacky flux during rework? If so, try a different flux. And last, check your rework profile.

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Voiding issue | 27 July, 2008

yup,only happen on PBGA .we alreary follow the solder paste profile.

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Voiding issue | 29 July, 2008

try baking the part before repair.

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