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Universal Gold Feeders

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Universal Gold Feeders | 8 August, 2008

Hey, I've been working with various Universal Gold Feeders sizes, and I've seeing that the sensors are fairly fragile. Any other users of these feeders seeing this? Of course the manufacturer says we are the only ones seeing these issues.

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Universal Gold Feeders | 8 August, 2008

yes been workong with those feeders for almost a year and yes we have had the sensor pop out on a couple of the feeders I thought the pogo block would be the biggest problem with these feeders have had to replace a couple of those on the feeders as well but I have not complained to universal about this I have 100 8mm gold feeders and only a couple have had a isue my old feeders on other machines gave me more problems

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Universal Gold Feeders | 8 August, 2008

Thanks for your input. I too thought the pogo pins would be the main issue. But we've been running with ours for about 6 months, and we've not replaced one pogo pin block. But we've replaced 4 or 5 various sensors. The PSV and Tension sensors are the main culprit.

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Universal Gold Feeders | 8 August, 2008

Dear Ethan, I am sorry to learn that you are having problems with these feeders. If you can send me your contact information I would like to follow-up with you and learn more about the issues you are experiencing. I am sure that you know that these feeders come with a two year warranty against workmanship or parts defects. Rest assured that we are interested to sort this out for you.

Or, you may contact me directly: Mike Cyr General Manager Hover-Davis


Kind Regards,


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Universal Gold Feeders | 11 August, 2008

The technical support department at Hover-Davis has been very supportive in getting our issues cleared up. And they continue to be so. I was just trying to guage other operators trends with them. I believe we own some odd 600 feeders of various sizes, so it's only about 1% that we are having trouble with. Thank you Mike Cyr for your dedication also.

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