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Solder Cracking

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John Sims


Solder Cracking | 11 August, 2008

Guys, We're seeing what looks like an issue where through hole solder joints from our ive solder process are cracking during the cooling phase of the soldering process. This was detected during thermal shock testing, and we have tracked it back to a pre-existing crack. The crack forms at the corner of the joint with the top side pcb pad and progresses into the bulk solder. The process is a dip soldering process using a custom designed nozzle. It has a short bottom side preheat and then a solder dip. Solder is 63/37. Any advice or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks John S.

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Solder Cracking | 11 August, 2008

What does your top side wetting look like? This is a perfect case where top side wetting will tell you when you have a good joint. Without seeingor knowing your process, I would suggest either more pre-heat or longer dwell in the solder. Either one should yield a better joint. But top side wetting is your indicator here.

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