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Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

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Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX | 12 August, 2008

Does anyone out there have experience reflow profiling with a Heller 1500SX? At my past places of business, I had an ECD Super MOLE, and I got pretty reliant on it. Need some help getting to where I need to go with this software. Thanks in advance.

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Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX | 13 August, 2008


We're assuming that the software is similar to our Heller 1800.

We're also assuming that the oven has thermocouple ports, and that you have the thermocouples to plug into them.

From the screen that displays the zone data, there should be a ion for Profiling (ours is F6).

Screen prompts should show you which keys to push from here. We set up the temperature set points to match paste manufacturer recomendations (flux activation, liquidous, and max temperature). Set up the thermocouples on the board the same way you'd set them up for a mole. Place the board on the conveyor, and start the run. The screen should display the progress.

Cheers ..rob

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Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX | 13 August, 2008

+1 on what robgd3 said.

It's basically the same process. The bummer is that you only have three thermocouples to give you the information you need, so placement (and attachment) is more critical.

You also don't have the predictative capability of the ECD software (no great loss, but it can be handy), and all of the oven setting data that gets attached to your profiles.

I print each profile out and mark it up with the settings.

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