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Hello Gentlemen.

Looking for an AOI for my company�s high-mix mid-level production SMT lines; I�ve investigated almost all suppliers. I also read several posts in this forum.

I live in Argentina, so it�s very difficult for us to visit their facilities and make demos. So any experience that you can share with us will be more than useful.

Due to budget matters, I enclosed my search to two suppliers: YESTECH YTV F1 and MVP SUPRA-M.

I�d really appreciate any experiences (good and bad) that you�d like to share.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Three things must be considered when ing the best AOI system for your application: inspection accuracy, capability and cycle time. All of AOI sales guys would tell you that their AOI system is the best but, you can only verify which one fits your requirement when you do the actual evaluation run on your products.

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Just one of a few things that matter when choosing new equipment.

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We currently use a YesTech M1 system and we are looking to buy another. Two important areas to look at when pursuing AOI equipment: 1) Camera resolution 2) Light sources Depending on your needs, camera resolution can be important depending on the size of the parts you are inspecting. The M1 system is standard with 20u/pix and expandable down to 12.5. The lower resolution is fine down to 0201 parts. Many systems offer high resolution cameras, so finding one is not a problem. Lighting plays an equally important role in that it can determine your inspection coverage. For instance, if you have a system that uses only white/red lignting, there are only 3 possible combination of light sources available to you, white, red and white/red. However the M1 uses a patented fusion lighting system that has multi-color LEDs in the camera head. The more colors, the more possible combination light sources you can achieve. Why is this important? Because some component markings show up better under different light sources. As an example, some LEDs don't have a marking, but you can see the dye under the plastic. I use blue/green lighting for this which you could not see using white/red. I have been happy with their product and would recommend it to anyone. I don't have any experience with other AOI mfg., but YesTech's tech support has been outstanding.

When you do demo a unit, "break" a board. Meaning, put defects into the pcb to test whether the AOI will catch it or not (i.e. solder bridge, lifted lead, missing part, reversed part etc.). When I did this, I did not tell the demo guy what was wrong with the board. That way, he doesn't have the opportunity to tweak the program to make it pass. Also, watch the demo guy and make sure he is not setting the pass scores too low on the recipe. Some will do this so they don't have to explain why they keep getting false-fails and makes the system look more impressive than it really is.

P.S. One item of interest: Of the three mfg we demoed, Christopher, Mirtec and YesTech, YesTech was the only system that was able to test the markless LEDs consistantly and they were the only mfg who let us "play" with the system when they left.

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I�m interested in the F1 model, due to the possibility of this system to be configured with 1 top camera and 4 side. We are manufacturing 0402 and 0.4mm fine pitch Lead Free, and our PCB�s quality is not very good. With just one camera are you able to see chips placed but not soldered (little tombstone), and IC�s lifted leads?

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Hello federico,

This is Reese. Yes, you can pick up tombstoned parts reliably with the M1. You cannot pick up lifted leads very well however. I have not tried other algorithms yet, just histogram analysis which is the standard method for inspecting for deficiency of solder under red lighting. I would have preferred to go with the F1 system but was not involved in selecting which model to get, just which mfg to go with. The main reason my company decided to go with the M1 system is because of the small footprint. It is about 1/2 the size of the F1. We are going to be purchasing another AOI and I have looked at both the F1 and getting another M1. My choice, and what I would recommend to you is to get the F1 system because of the option of side angle cameras. Unfortunetly, the M1 is not upgradable and we are stuck with it, because it would not be cost effective to trade it in for an F1. And the recipes for the M1 and F1 are not compatible (The M1 uses a higher resolution camera). This would require two seperate libraries and two sets of recipes for each machine. To much maintenance involved here. So, you can purchase an F1 now and have no issues later, or purchase an M1 and wish later you had bought an F1 (Just like me:)

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YESTECH OR MVP? LOOKING FOR AOI. | 1 September, 2008

Hi Reese,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me.

It�s been very helpful.

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YESTECH OR MVP? LOOKING FOR AOI. | 5 September, 2008

Hello Federico,

I know what you are going through. A few years back, I was faced with having to purchase AOI equipment for my business. My selection team and I looked at several different manufacturers including MVP (too difficult to program!). We found that only two AOI vendors were suitable for a low to medium volume production environment and fit our budgetary requirements. These two vendors were YESTech and MIRTEC. We had an opportunity to work with both machines on our production floor. I found that the programming was very similar between the two machines. Personally I thought that the MIRTEC software was more comprehensive. But the main reason why we selected MIRTEC was the fact that the machine consistently provided better defect coverage than the competitive system, especially with regard to solder inspection. We also ran a very simple Gage R&R test on the two systems. The MIRTEC machine easily won.

Although I was less concerned with throughput, the MIRTEC machine was about two and a half times faster with about 20% less false calls. This did help with my ROI, but as I mentioned before, defect coverage was my real concern.

Since then I have purchased two additional MIRTEC machines including a new MV7 in line machine. I decided to go with the Intelliscan laser option on this machine. This is a secondary laser inspection system that allows you to test for coplanarity of leaded and non-leaded devices using laser height measurement.

Do yourself a favor, check out MIRTEC. In my opinion this is the best investment that I have ever made.

Best of luck with your AOI project...


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YESTECH OR MVP? LOOKING FOR AOI. | 5 September, 2008

We did extensive side by side (by side) testing of three AOI machines Omron, YesTech and Mirtec. In the end, even with weighted scores, the difference in the top two machine was still only four/tenths of a point. Third place was a distant 14 points out. I found the Yestech to be the easiest to program, and the Omron the most difficult. The Omron machine is well suited to a high volume but low mix setup, there is so much detail available that programming quality is dependent on your stamina more than anything, and that kind of time I do not have. Ytech and Mirtec were both well suited for us, and we wound up with Mirtec. We are a high mix, high volume manufacturer, and have since installed 4 MV-7 inline and 1 MV-3 benchtop system here stateside, with another 6 inline machines for our overseas facilities. I do not think you can go wrong with either Yestech or Mirtec. For us it became a matter of support for our non US manufacturing, and Yestech was a little shy in that area for us at the time. We use the inline machines for post reflow inspection, and the benchtop for programming, library maintenance, and some FA work as well. All the machines use the same 5 camera system, and we maintain the library and defect data over our network.

For me, Yestech had a couple of features not found on the Mirtec, little time savers that programmers will like, but it does not reflect any actual shortcomings of the Mirtec machine. We are very happy with Mirtec, though I suspect we would have been just as happy with a 5 camera Yestech setup.

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