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Juki pick and place ?

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Juki pick and place ? | 20 August, 2008

We are currently in the process of evaluating pick and place equipment. One of the prospects is Juki.

In particular we are looking at a KE 2060R. I am interested in hearing you Juki experiences. I am most interested in hearing from those who are high mix - high change over. We run 3 shifts 5 days a week.

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John Sims


Juki pick and place ? | 20 August, 2008

We ran 3 750's, a 2060, and a 2080 for about 10 years. If you'd like to talk about it offline, give me an e-mail. We had a positive experience. Good luck. John S.

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Juki pick and place ? | 20 August, 2008

We have been running a 2060 for 2 years, along with other older juki/zevatech placement systems. We have also had positve results. Fell free to contact me via e-mail for more specific info.

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Juki pick and place ? | 21 August, 2008

We have been running a 2060 (along with a 2050) for about a year. Great machine; good follow up to the 700 series, of which we run several variants. We have a 2 shift, 5 day operation with 7 changeovers/shift. We've minimized downtime by building feeder carts using cut down Bliss shelves and 21 inch wire carts to stage feeders for the next changeover.

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Juki pick and place ? | 21 August, 2008

Juki is a great way to go as far as reliability the Jukis are bullet proof. Change overs are much like other Japanese machines if you have the feeder carts, tray changer and stay away from Vibratory feeders you will be successful with this platform if all other processes are in control.

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Juki pick and place ? | 2 September, 2008

Juki machines generally are great machines for reliablity and maintaining overall accuracy as they have full linear (mag-scales) encoders on XY axis and self calibration features.

Laser centering has its pros and cons - mostly pros, but can have issue with some parts - ie badly molded parts where lead frames varying in body molds - creates small offsets - sots main area where seen this. Maybe newer machines have improved laser alogotithms here - based on 700 series and early 2000 series. But having laser on machine allows great Auto Part Measuring etc for Setup.

Lastly software on machines excellent for fast setup, but file structure for programs is a proprietry binary format, so have to generally use JUKI supplied software to program machines and lines - JUKI EPU or HLC etc.

One problem with file format is can not accept multiple placement sequences on single panel - ie 1 PCB with R1 panelised with another PCB with R1 also. You have to manually massage Centroid data to differentiate Refdes to make Panel 1 R1-1, R1-2 - Flattened Placement sequence. There is no tool in JUKI Software to do this.Also only allows 5 characters for Refdes, minor thing but can be annoying if you come across grouped different PCB's on one panel.

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Juki pick and place ? | 3 September, 2008

Not to quibble, but I have been a Juki user for over 12 years and starting with the Juki machines 750/760 and all machines since support 8 characters for reference designators. We are even looking to upgrade later next year and they have already confirmed that the newest generation coming out will support 16 characters for reference designators. But the older machines will not be upgraded :(

But you are quite right, each designator must be unique. But that is nothing that can't be quickly fixed up in Excel. Tedious for sure, but not an issue that I run into often.

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