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MSL/MSD Tracking

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 20 August, 2008

Hi all, Wanted to get some input from you guys and gals, I have check the archives and found not much. I am putting together an MSD program here at the company i work for, and was wondering how other people are tracking their times in/out for components that are sensitive to moisture. All/Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 20 August, 2008

We used a custom label that we would put on the parts packaging. The label would indicate the MSD level, the maximun hrs of exposure allowed. Also it had fields that whoever opened up that part would write down the date and time the packaging was opened. They would then keep a running total as to the exposure time. If the parts were not all used then they would fill out the label with the resealed time and date.

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 21 August, 2008

The 2 most common approaches for MSD Tracking and Control on the factory floor are: 1) Manual paper-based procedures (Example: Log Sheet or Label that the operator must fill out and pay attention to) - or - 2) Software-based tracking system (Example: An "Expert System" that accounts for all rules and guidelines dictated by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033).

The key shortcoming of a manual procedure is 100% reliance on Operator skill, knowledge and discipline. As well, a log sheet or label will not issue an alarm or stop production if a component on the line is about to expire.

A SW-based MSD tracking solution can offer many benefits: - Less training, education and monitoring of operators. - All date/time calculations and application of rules from J-STD-033 can be fully automated and transparent to the operators. - Issue proactive alarms and automated line control to prevent the use of expired components. - Reduce the duration of bake cycles by taking into account the MSL, body thickness, and saturation level of each component to identify the optimal bake cycle. - Avoid over-baking by issuing an alarm when the bake cycle is complete.

The Knowledge Center at our Web site ( includes an MSD section where you can find several technical articles, as well as links to other organizations who can help to provide you wiht information about controlling this issue on your factory floor.

Best regards, Mitch DeCaire Cogiscan

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 22 August, 2008

We have used the Cogiscan system successfully here for 3 years or so now I think its been. I couldn't possibly imagine tracking MSL's on a lot of parts by hand... and being able to trust your numbers. This software will track everything for you and alert you when something is expired. It does take some discipline to ensure material in and out of your dry cabinets are scanned every time but once you get that down with your operators the rest is simple.

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 2 September, 2008

Another software provider for MSL/MSD Management is Valor's vManage Software MES system.... is scalable so can implement just MSD Management if this is all you need.

Can be implemented to even stop SMT equipment and warn operators in real time when MSD time exceeded etc...

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 3 September, 2008

When considering MSD issues two factors really need to be focused on; first, environmental control of the individual subject component/s during storage and second, monitoring of the packages out of the controlled environment. It's important that each package/s is isolated so that intrusion into the controlled environment to source other parts does not affect all of the other parts being stored. And secondly, that the individual components are monitored, once they have left the safe storage, for actual safe floor time remaining. Not to get into a commercial statement but dedicated hardware/software solutions for the control and monitoring of MSD components are available from Inovaxe.

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MSL/MSD Tracking | 5 September, 2008

Another software solution for auto tracking is Humitel made by a company called Accuassembly. Our company has used them for years with success. It is now a company wide standard.

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