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Programming the Camalot

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Programming the Camalot | 27 August, 2008

My company recieved an old Camalot dispensing system from a company that we are now building boards for. It is OLD and runs a DOS. I have managed to set up the machine without directions, and have even built a program for it, but I can't get it to run.

I can trace each point of my boards program, but when I click the run button, the PC freezes. Also, on ocassion when the carriage returns to it's home position, the machine will shut down. Anybody got any knowledge on this ancient beast? It is circa 93-94 which means tech support is not an option. Nobody at the new company has any knowledge of this line.

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Programming the Camalot | 28 August, 2008

What is the model of the machine, 1414, 1818 ?? What version of software are you running. There is probably a safety touch strip (yellow rubber strip)that is around the head and possibly the front sides of the machine. Check the connections and wiring of these strips. If a connector comes loose or there is an intermittent open in the wiring it will shut down the machine.

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