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SAC105 vs. SAC305

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SAC105 vs. SAC305 | 18 September, 2008

Does anyone have experience with using Pb-free SAC105? We are looking at the pro's/con's compared to a SAC305 process for a SMT operation. I have read it has a higher melting temperature. Specifically, we are concerned about a product we are developing with a larger BGA (1521 pin) that our customer will require testing.

Thanks!!! JW

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SAC105 vs. SAC305 | 24 September, 2008

We had a PCB vendor provide us with SAC105 plated HASL boards. They worked fine on the first pass through reflow. The second pass was not pretty. We couldn't get much of anything to solder to the board. That may not have been the alloy, it could have been that the plating was too thin.

Are you saying that you are thinking of using a SAC105 paste? I don't have any experience with it. Is the reason to save some money on the silver?

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SAC105 vs. SAC305 | 25 September, 2008

Yes, we are looking at using it for our solder paste. The customer mentioned wants us to test our boards and initially we've heard the SAC105 is better for "higher mechanical stressed" assemblies.

Thanks for your reply!!

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SAC105 vs. SAC305 | 25 September, 2008


I would be interested to hear the outcome of your trials! Although, if mechanical stress is of concern, I would look at what is causing the stress and tackle that. I would suspect that any stress great enough to fracture sAC305 joint would do the same to SAC105.

You can use underfill as part of the process if stress is a major concern.


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