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NiPdAu Soldering Problems?

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NiPdAu Soldering Problems? | 18 September, 2008

am having wetting issues with two Burr Brown Op amps. Both are SOICs with NiPdAu lead frame finishes. I have attached a photo that shows a black streak the length of the lead (before soldering). This appearance is consistent of all leads and is exist on both part numbers. I get wetting action up to that black regions but it stops at that point. Is this black demarcation common in NiPdAu lead frame finishes? Or, is this some type of oxidation of the nickel layer? I would appreciate any help with this! Thanks!

Profiles were adjusted incrementally to 230 c with no luck.


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NiPdAu Soldering Problems? | 19 September, 2008

All I can say is my regular "Get it analyzed", so you'll know what the streak is.



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NiPdAu Soldering Problems? | 19 September, 2008

This is not something that we'd expect to see on NiPdAu finished leads.

Help us understand the extent of the problem better. From your picture, it looks like a band of copper color with black on the outer portions of the copper color that bleeds into the color typical of the finish on the lead. You say, it's "a black streak the length of the lead." * If it's a band and it solders well upto the band, we'd build it, ship it, and CAR the supplier. * If the black is on the lenth [up and down in the picture] of the lead, we'd have a tough time building product prior to understanding more about what's on those leads.

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NiPdAu Soldering Problems? | 19 September, 2008

Thanks for the response guys!

The parts are being sent to a local lab as we speak. I'll let you know the results when I get them.

I am not sure the purpose of the copper band, but the black around the band is just shadowing from how I took the pic. The streak that runs the length of the lead is the issue (see new pic). The solder will only wet up to where black area starts. I was able to touch-up the lead using a soldering iron at 650 F, but had to flux and dwell it way longer then it should have taken. I am not familiar with the plating process of lead frame components, but it looks like there may have been an issue with the PdAu plating process. What's odd is how uniform the black band is. My component guys will be in contact with vendor Monday to see if they are familiar with this condition.


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NiPdAu Soldering Problems? | 20 September, 2008

Wise move :-) Please let me know the results of the analysis and we can take it from there.


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