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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability)

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 23 September, 2008

Looking for information regarding the long term reliability of Nitrogen Generation (Membrane)systems. Presently evaluating the options of Cryogenic Bulk supply vs In-house generation systems to support Select Solder Equipment.

I am looking for any details regarding problems with the generation systems that may interrupt production flow.

If anyone with experience with these systems could comment?

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 23 September, 2008

I installed an On Site unit for our SS machine. You'll need to size it in terms of flow rate to your equipment (possibly put a reservoir tank in) and decide on what purity level is required. Maintenance was very minimal. Just remember to factor it its compressed air consumption on you shop supply.

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 23 September, 2008

I used a Balston in another life. It wasn't large enough to provide for reflow or wave but they made them large enough.

Maintenance was minimal, problems were virtually nonexistant, and like MikeS implies, the airflow requirements are substantial.

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 24 September, 2008

I bet some of the bloggers on this site - The Forum - could provide enough hot air for ya!

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 26 September, 2008

They have the extra benefit of providing oxygen enriched air at the filter site.

We have had no problems and have had the filter for a couple years but we did get a second air compressor because of it.

Hmm maybe I should go "inspect" it now. I"m feeling a little drowsy.

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 29 September, 2008

Hello, In a membrane generator there are almost no moving parts. So, the maintenance would be to replace the active carbon filter, and seals, about every 2~3 years. Normal life should be 10+ years.

To prevent problems, the compressor must be oil-free, or there must be an in-line filter to remove any oil traces. You might be able to use your own compressors provide oil-free, and dry air.

For a 60 Nm3/hr, 99.99% N2, figure $1.88/hr for electric at $0.12KW/h (Tennessee)

What are you paying for bulk N2?

Glad you are considering on-site N2 generation. Are you doing a cost analysis?

Gary (TN)

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Nitrogen Generation Equipment ( reliability) | 29 September, 2008

Thanks for all your input.

We have investigated 2 options other than the current system. Currently supplying one SSM with N2 via "Canister" system 230L Cryogenic... The options are to increase the reservoir to a fixed 2000L Cryogenic bulk tank system or an In House N2 generation to supply 2 SSM machines.

The GEN system is configured to provide over 70CFH @ 99.9998, 10PPM purity to both SSM. A couple of systems presented require similar air volume and pressure of 100 to 110 PSIG @ 12.7 to 15 SCFM. Proper compressed air filtering has been included in this summary. As well the question of compressed air supply /sharing the facility compressor should not be an issue. We will have flow meter and pressure gauges to monitor each end of the system with air supply and N2 delivery.

There was a question of equipment reliability we wanted to understand to support the decision.

Let me point out that the Bulk Supply is relatively less expensive than the current configuration at about 1/2 the cost of gas and less handling. However the monthly lease of the tank is significant. The advantage of this system is reliable purity and abundant supply.

N2 generation requires a significant investment in the N2 equipment itself, plumbing/re-plumbing of gas lines and maintenance of, plus the added burden on the air compressor systems and those maintenance costs, and energy.

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