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component markings

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component markings | 14 October, 2008

Does anyone have the same issue as i do with component markings?? I am using a AOI machine to inspect and the parts that our girl buys are a mess. the ink is smeared and not readable. I was told there is no quality level when you buy parts. Does anyone know that for sure?? It seems like she is buying from a bargin basment clearing house. Are there in fact seconds when it comes to components? The diodes are worse than the other parts. some have no marking at all or so little they cant be seen with any light spectrum

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component markings | 14 October, 2008

What kind of AOI machine are you using? Some OEMs seem to not understand that we want to also check for correct parts with AOI not just absence/presence and solder joints.

But markings are an issue. I remember when 0805 caps had markings.

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component markings | 16 October, 2008

There are seconds when it comes to components. Find out what her sources are and if she is purchasing from a reputable vendor. She may be doing what all purchasing agents do, and that is finding the best deal out there. Especially if her review depends on it:) What other components are you having trouble with other than diodes? The diodes we purchase are usually in a SOT-23 package but the marking is always clearly visible. Now it may depend on what package the diode is in. Is it different packages and different parts? Some parts we have trouble with. TVS in a 2010 package, to name one, have the markings printed, not laser etched. This makes it extremely difficult to get any repeatability or consistancy during AOI inspection. Other parts are even worse than this and does give us issues. I haven't had any issues with resistors, caps (electrolytics), ICs, diodes (most) or transistors. If you are having trouble across the board, definetly check the source. Perhaps you can post some pictures of the parts you are referring to?

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component markings | 16 October, 2008

Thanks for the reply. Yes she looks out for herself and best deal. When I first came on board here she was buying QFP'S from brokers rather than doing the right thing I had to speak out even though i was new. it turns out i was right warning them about doing that. they were placing bad, bent leads, then paying someone to repair the part. one week she spen 40 + hrs fixing them.

these were 500.00 boards.

Any way thanks

Tim B

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