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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 16 October, 2008

Guys, is somebody familiar with this software? What experience you have for not super expensive ERP/MRP system for up to 10-15 users?

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 16 October, 2008

While you're waiting for others to reply, search the fine SMTnet Archives for threads like

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 17 October, 2008

Where is your geographical location? It is important as we have a local company with a good MRP software that is reasonably priced & is price is not linked to number of users. Contact me @ for further details. I am not a sales person for this company nor do I benefit from them in anyway.

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 30 October, 2008

I havent used it yet but I do find myself keep coming back to it - I have been searching for a decent ERP system for my micro company for years. What I like about it is the way you can export and import just about any data which we need to do as our parts data is contantly evolving.

You used to be able to get a free single user system but they have now made that a demo version only and you have to pay to get a proper download - although you do get a 6 month trial period.

I dont think anything else coems close for the price but as with all ERP systems you do have to bend your company to match what it can do to some extent - but this is common in all packages. If we had the money we'd go for Manex but this is overkill for our size.

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 30 October, 2008

I've used DBA in the past. It's not a bad MRP software for the price.

Though, your mileage may vary. We were using an older version of it at my last company, and there was no desire to upgrade. From a manufacturing standpoint (bill of material control, inventory control) I found it quite comparable to some larger packages that I had used. I was given to understand that the purchasing capabilities left some things to be desired, though, I'll note that I later discovered that it was our implementation of the purchasing functions (min-max set up, etc). I was also told that the accounting functions were difficult, at best. After learning what I learned about our implementation of the purchasing functions, and our relative mismanagement of inventory, I suspect that the difficulties in the accounting parts were due to the poor usage in the other levels of the program.

As with any MRP system, you may need to mold your processes to fit the way the system works.

cheers ..rob

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 3 November, 2008

You should check out Inovaxe, they have a sophisticated MRP solution dedicated to the needs of the electronic manufacturing industry. The system is called Inovision and is a full feature solution and is very unique in design and benefit. Also it is offered in a software as a service (SaaS) model so cost is low and return on investment is quick.

You can check out some information at

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MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing | 4 November, 2008

We have a version of an ERP called Catalyst. It was developed within Ga Tech and then privatized. is their link. It is a really versatile system and handles PCBA operations very well. It also comes in an open license version which allows you to customize it. It is very reasonably priced as well. I have no affiliation with Catalyst and stand to gain nothing from this endorsement.


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