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Fuji CP6 XY Table

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Fuji CP6 XY Table | 29 October, 2008


Our Fuji CP6 table is rising up abruptly when it unloads a pcb after populating it. It makes a clunking noise much louder than before.

I don't see anything that has changed or gets in the way as far as the table rails lining up with the exit conveyor.

I don't think any air pressure has been adjusted but that is what it seems like someone did. Is there a table air adjustment?

I was wondering if it could be something starting to fail like an air solenoid or servo amp.

Thanks, Rob

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Fuji CP6 XY Table | 30 October, 2008

Hi, Rob.

Does the table appear to hang up, then suddenly let go? If so, check the alignment of all four conveyor rail guide blocks, especially if the clamping rails have been recently removed for maintenance.

After that, check the piston assembly that's under the table. The metal cylinder tube eventually gets dry and tends to make the seal wear off and roll up at the lip.

- Jim

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