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Contact Systems Vision Codes

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Contact Systems Vision Codes | 7 November, 2008

I am having issues with the SOT23 vision code. All of the numbers match what is in the book but when the camera looks at the part it centers on the bottom edge of the lead not the center of the lead. I beleive that there is a problem with the algorithm for process type 10011. Has anyone else run into this issue andhow do you fix it?

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Contact Systems Vision Codes | 10 November, 2008

Mark, The 10011 and all other process types are hard coded by Contact Systems and can not be changed by the user. The user can, however, change the Vision Center Type information as well as the Vision Size Code. Our Center Type for SOT23 is: Process Type: 10011; Edge Threshold: 23; Intensity Threshold: 75; Offset: 165; Gain: 16 These numbers might be slightly different from your numbers, and it is important not to change them unless you are making global changes to the Center Type parameters. If you change just one of the numbers for the SOT23 part type, the machine will not place any other parts at the same time, due to different camera settings.

That said, if you look down into the tape loaded into the feeder, the single leg side of the SOT23 should be towards the tape locating fingers. This is "Zero" orientation. When the part flys across the camera you are seeing the legs out the left and right side, correct? This, opposed to legs up and down on the screen. Please post the actual error code you are getting.

Also, are the Contact machines new to you, or are you experienced with this sort of thing and just stumped on this particular part?

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Contact Systems Vision Codes | 10 November, 2008


I finally played with it enough that it is working again. I ended up with Edge Threshold: 19; Intensity Threshold: 60; Offset: 200; Gain: 16 The problem seemed to be with the Intensity Threshold. I was not getting an error code on the screen it would just center on the bottom or the top edge of the lead instead of the center of the lead. I have been working with this machine for around 2 1/2 years, but I have over 15 years on all kinds of surface mount equipment.

Thanks Mark

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Contact Systems Vision Codes | 25 November, 2008

Hi Mark,

If you need to start adjusting the edge threshold of parts for the vision system to recognise them, try the following check first.

Navigate to the maintenance > Calibration menu and then Index Cam Setup and follow the on screen instructions. (You can skip the focus step if you have not adjusted the camera's)

The point you need to pay particular attention to is when it displays the intensity histogram, this should be a single spike with a reading of around 180. If not adjust the strobe emitter level to the light trap and about an 1/8th of an inch away until 180 is achieved. (make sure that they do not come into contact with each other).

We have had all the contact3 platform machines over the last 14 years and this setup always cures this vision problem.



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