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Dek model questions

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Dek model questions | 8 December, 2008

Would anyone know the differences between a DEK 265 LT, DEK 265 GSX and a DEK 248? Thanks.

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Dek model questions | 9 December, 2008

256 LT or Lite, low end fully auto machine, lower res alignment camera, not as accurate and repeatable as GSX. Wiper and Auto Paste dispensing optional. GSX is fully loaded with hi end camera alignment, auto paste, vac stencil wiper, may have auto flex support pin tooling too. 248 is a semi-automatic machine, hand load/unload of PCB. May have manual vision alignment option.

You can get details here:

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Dek model questions | 11 December, 2008

Sort of accurate on the LT... It started off that way (earlieast machines had shuttered camera like a GS), but quickly became the same machine as a GSX. Had same cameras (black, them silver, then green) same screen cleaner options, same tooling options. Never saw an LT with an FPA {but who would want one (}.

The fact that the above manual link is to a single manual for GSX and LT pretty much tells it.


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