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Hot Bar Soldering

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Hot Bar Soldering | 19 December, 2008

Experts, Any advise on Hot Bar Soldering.I'm relatively new to this process.What are the pros and cons as opposed to using connector?

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Hot Bar Soldering | 19 December, 2008

We don't know dip a about rigid flex.

Flexdude wrote "Hot-Bar Soldering, Attaching Flex Circuits Directly To Rigid Boards" [ ]. It may help you get started while waiting for others reply.

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from Flexdude, although he appears to be a dapper dresser.

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Hot Bar Soldering | 22 December, 2008

With Hot bar you can attach flet cables to PCB or to Displays. I beleave there are a lot of machines about that. The problem is in the jig which should be made for your particular board. If you define the process and the jig, with a very simple machine of these you will have no problem. Just an example is shown below. Regards, Emil

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Hot Bar Soldering | 22 December, 2008

Yes I agree with Emil that the Jig/Fixture design is crucial for alignment. The hot-bar machine I worked with came with a digital camera and monitor to aid with alignment.

Other than that, the right profile (heat, pressure and dwell), and a good flex supplier will get you good results.

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Hot Bar Soldering | 22 December, 2008

Thanks for all the feedbacks

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Hot Bar Soldering | 29 December, 2008

Watch out for workmanship specs. I don't believe this is covered under IPC-A-610. You may have to write your own.

Alignment of the fixture and coplanarity of the bar and substrate are key.

Also, pay close attention to stencil aperture and thickness design guidelines if using solder. The volume must be right to get good results.

Cleanliness of the thermode is also important. Be prepared to remove and clean frequently.

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Hot Bar Soldering | 7 January, 2009

Hi! Just joined the circuit. Hot Bar soldering is very reliable provided the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and Rigid PCB design support this technique. Some of the critical aspects that need to be considered include Stencil apperture design for solder paste application, PCB/FPC footprint design, Thermal transfer characteristics though the FPC material (eg.polyimide), Alignment accuracy (FPC to PCB), Thermode geometry, Thermal Profile, Thermode Pressure and Process cycle time. It is recommended to have a jig for alignment of PCB with FPC contacts.

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