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data tracking software

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data tracking software | 13 January, 2009

Has anyone had success with either datamyte or unisoft software? I have looked at both and have a list of pro's and con's for both. I'm wondering if these are worthier persuing or if there is something better. We are looking to track defects throughout our entire plant (receiving inspection/final QA and RMA's). We want to be able to add instructions/pictures (as much details as possible). We would like to import much of the data from either Gerber or placement files that have already been configured. Neither software listed above can do 100% what we are looking for without customizing for our needs. I'm looking for something that's at least 90% there out of the box ( ha ha right!) Any input would be appreciated.

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data tracking software | 16 January, 2009

We currently use Unisoft on a limited basis. It was purchased as a low cost solution to track a specific product until we can roll out a more robust tracking package. We are currently moving towards Optimal Electronics. I think their quality package might even be a "out of the box" solution... Everything else they offer is custom. Depending on your budget, they might be a good fit. You would need to talk with them about scaling the available package. I believe they might offer tracking at a more more detailed level than you are looking for.

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data tracking software | 19 January, 2009

Try Designed exactly to log defects for PCB assembly - also doe mechanical parts. Regards, Denise

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data tracking software | 25 January, 2009

Valor has a product called vCheck - QA/Process Enforcement System should take a look..

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data tracking software | 6 February, 2009

I would recommend Aegis software. Valor is good too but last time I checked they were really expensive. Call up Aegis and have them explain CircuitCam and their QC, SPC, and dataminer modules. Aegis is modular, so you don't have to buy a big package and get things you don't need.

If you already have data being entered into a database Gainseeker is a great tool to view and generate reports on that data.

Let us know what you choose and how it works for you.

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data tracking software | 22 April, 2009

I would encourage everyone to get pricing and details from both Valor and Aegis, and get their module requirements. You never know.....times are tough and the buyer is in the driver's seat these days.

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