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SMTECH pro's and con's



SMTECH pro's and con's | 24 April, 2001

Anyone have any specific knowledge of SMTECH 100 i S machines and the pro's and con's. Does the machine capability rank as good bad or indifferent within the industry?

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SMTECH pro's and con's | 30 April, 2001

Hi Barry Unable to assist on specifics but I can tell you that some 74 100is machines were built. The majority residing in China Imported in by Wong King Kong Ltd ( Johnson lee Tel 00852 2357 8888 ) Most are at either Flextronics or Roslare.

You might also like to try in the UK Apollo Fire Detectors ( tel 01705 492412 Matthew Whicher ) or Peter Wain Wright at Coutant Lambda Tel 01271 863781.

In the USA your best bet would be to speak with Mr Jeff Stong who has Just left Quad Systems for ACI. He was the Printer and Oven Product Manager for Quad and SMTech was once part of the Quad Group. He should beable to give you chapter and verse on them ( Tel (610) 362 1200 x 224 )( email ).

There is no need to worry about the supply of parts for them either. All parts can be obtained from Reprint Services in the UK ( 01305 849254 ) They are all ex SMTech employees and can refurbish even convert the old 100 series printers. ( Check out their Compact 29 entry level and new R29-V 29" shuttle machines. Real eye openers ! The way SMTech would have gone had they not been closed down.

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SMTECH pro's and con's | 1 May, 2001

Barry, We have two of the MV models, one that we bought second hand, and the other new. The " i S " means inline? We love the MV's, which are offline, semi-auto, vision aligned. Just a great machine. Simple, intuative software, all parameters easy to change, very repeatable and we've had one break down in a total of 7 years operation. I also believe that the SMTECH/QUAD were the best value on the market. Who knows how they'll go now with Meagre Printing Machinery. That's my two bob's worth anyway.

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SMTECH pro's and con's | 29 September, 2001

I used to build the SMTech 100 range of machines before the company closed, and i also have dealings with them still. The 100is is a very capable machine and will go on forever with a little T.L.C.


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SMTECH pro's and con's | 5 October, 2001

I believe this machine is now the MPM UP 100 and is supported thru Speedline Technologies-MPM and is now mfg.'d in Franklin Mass.

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Jeff Stong


SMTECH pro's and con's | 10 October, 2001

The "UP100 " is currently built by Speedline. However only the models UP100S (No Vision and manual adjust table ) and the UP 100MV (Vision and manual adjust table). These are batch printers not in-line.

The IS model has been out of production for about 4 years now. If you need anymore info about this printer, let me know.


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