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Ceramic/Alumina PCB Depaneling Equipment

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Ceramic/Alumina PCB Depaneling Equipment | 18 February, 2009

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is any standard equipment capable for Ceramic/Alumina based PCB depenaling (cut into odd shape)? I am aware of diamond saw cutter, but it only limit to straight line cut.

Thanks. LH

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Ceramic/Alumina PCB Depaneling Equipment | 19 February, 2009

When I had to order ceramic (AL2O3, BeO, AlN) in the past, the fabricator always used a CO2 laser system for cutting holes and irregularities in the ceramic. Some companies that I have used that do ceramic cutting are:

I have had very good experience with both of them. (I am not affiliated with either, just giving a starting point.)

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