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Dispensing Molten Solder

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Dispensing Molten Solder | 20 February, 2009

Okay, I've done extensive Google and SMTnet Archive searches, and I've turned up nothing but Patent Ideas. We've got a new application with which I'd like to fill a cavity containing a wire with molten solder. The cavity is housed within a large Military Style "Canon" connector.

Does anybody know of a tool or method with which I could easily fill this cavity with molten solder? Trying to fill it first with solderpaste, or wire solder is very difficult because the connector is a giant heatsink. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Dispensing Molten Solder | 20 February, 2009

Okay, after taking an actual minute to think about my suggestion, it has dawned on me that filling a metal cavity with molten solder to make a solder connection is not a good idea. By doing so I wouldn't be giving the metal cavity sufficient time to heat up, and I would not be forming a good inter-metallic bond between the walls of the cavity and the solder itself. It's funny how everything just seems to make sense when you take a minute to think about things before you ask a question. Never mind. Please go back to enjoying your Friday.


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Dispensing Molten Solder | 3 March, 2009

This is a resistance soldering application. I suggest checking with American beauty also known as assembly technologies. I believe.

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Dispensing Molten Solder | 4 March, 2009

The trick would be to externally pre-heat your Metal cavity to attain sufficient temperature and then to flow in solder. This would ensure proper solder distribution inside the cavity.

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