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PCB Burned after reflow?

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PCB Burned after reflow? | 2 March, 2009

Hello All,

One of our operators recently placed a PCB inside our reflow and when the PCB came out, the board was dark green! My question is, what would determine if this board is acceptable or not? I tried searching it, but couldn't find a real answer. I verified the components and they all seem to be fine. thanks in advance!

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PCB Burned after reflow? | 2 March, 2009

I would take the board in question and run it through again with your profiler to verify that no one has messed with your oven recipe, or your oven isn't malfunctioning. Also, a before and after pic attached to the post would probably be helpful to anyone on the forum telling you if it looks "burnt".

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PCB Burned after reflow? | 4 March, 2009


If you mean your PCB stayed in the Reflow oven more than the reflow time required for the solder paste specs then I suggest to throw away the board because it would lead over heated solder joints all over the board. Think what could happen to an over baked loaf of bread.

To avoid this again, check if the temp profile is accurately set for this PCB and verify your reflow oven for proper function.

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PCB Burned after reflow? | 5 March, 2009

Solder mask requirements: * IPC-6012 and IPC-SM-840 contain detailed specifications and information regarding solder mask requirements. * IPC-A-600 defines acceptability of printed boards [analog of A-610 for board assemblies].

Why can't you use A-610, 10.0 Laminate Conditions as the basis for accepting your 'toasted' board?

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