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BGA rework

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BGA rework | 9 March, 2009

There are several out there. We will be doing some proprietary BGA installation in-house and I need a rework station. Has anyone had any experience with Focal Spot RD-500? Air-Vac DRS25? Or is there a better system out there for occasional to light use?

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BGA rework | 11 March, 2009

Might want to look at this:

We recently purchased one here and I love it.


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BGA rework | 13 March, 2009

'Hege is checking in for the DRS25 by Air Vac. Forced Air Convection reflow, and huge heating capacity for bottom side, ensuring minimum Delta T across the PCB during the process. Have 3 of these machines constantly in use for the last 2 and a half years. Tin/Lead, Lead Free, lrg or small PCBs, this machine can do it all.

Probably a lot of these out there on the used market, you'd think nowadays...

I do not work for, nor receive compensation from Air Vac Industries.


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BGA rework | 16 March, 2009

We evaluated several rework machines a few years ago and decided on the Finetech CRS-10. It outperformed the Airvac DRS25 machine. We didn't bring in the Focal Spot because it uses IR. The Focal Spot System does not have a solder removal option and IR in general tends to be unreliable and difficult to control thermally. Our company is a contract manufacturer that does BGA, QFN and all other SMT related Rework. We have been very pleased with the Finetech machine to handle all of our rework processes.

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