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Larger than 18" on Quad QSP-2

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Larger than 18" on Quad QSP-2 | 10 March, 2009

I am setting up a board that is 18.27". In order to be able to reach the whole board, I need to slide the touch stop assembly a few inches further down the slide. After I completed this task, the board will not feed up to the touch stop. The board stops and the rail clamps it, about what looks like the same spot it used to be. I manually fed the board to the touch stop, but my coordinates are all off in the x direction now.

What do I need to change in order to get the board to feed to the board stop, and also for the cad data to correctly represent where the parts are? If I move the board stop back to its original position, the coordinates are correct.

Thanks, Craig

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Larger than 18 | 10 March, 2009

Craig, Try this.... Go into 'machine-calibration-transport' then click on 'touch stop'. Reteach your board touch stop x for both gantries (if you moved both touch stops). If the board still does not reach the touch stop.....teach 'Board Positioning Sensor (both gantries) to the left a couple of inches of where it really is and it will give the board more time to reach the touch stop.

Good Luck

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