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Embedded Capacitance

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Embedded Capacitance | 20 March, 2009


Does anyone have any experience with assembling pcbs that have embedded capacitance ? are there any do's and dont's over and above manufacturing a standard mulit-layer pcb ?

Tahks inadvance Milas

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Embedded Capacitance | 31 March, 2009

We expect: * Boards with embedded passives to be a "let fall"-in replacement during production processing. * Your fabricator to be able to provide information on the ability of the material they selected to withstand assembly processing. For instance:

Reliability Tests [Courtesy of Sanmina-SCI, �Reduction of Discrete Capacitors Using Embedded Capacitance Layers: Simulation versus Actual Results� John Andresakis - Oak-Mitsui Technologies] 6x Through Hole Solder Shock PASS 6x Blind Via Solder Shock PASS Dielectric Thickness per Cross PASS Section within +/-10% T-260 and T-288 (>5min) PASS IST Testing (500 cycles) PASS Core Level Hi-Pot Testing PASS (100V/sec; 500Vmax) Finished Circuit Level Hi-Pot PASS (100V/sec; 500Vmax)

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Embedded Capacitance | 3 April, 2009

Thanks Dave


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