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Solder Balls

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Solder Balls | 30 March, 2009

What risk I have if I left solder balls on some pcb?

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Solder Balls | 31 March, 2009

depending on what is diameter of your balls ;) and smallest electrical distance on the boards (IC legs?? or other) solder balls trapped in ?? or not ?? base on that to see how dangerous your solderballs can be

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Solder Balls | 31 March, 2009

Solder ball formation can be a significant problem if the balls get trapped in the smaller spaces between ceramic chip carriers and substrates or possibly between the leads of small pitch leaded ICs. The solder balls also reduce the solder volume available for the fillet formation, and the action of splatter interrupts the holding power of the surface tension. [Solder Joint Reliability: Theory and Applications, JH Lau, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York 1991 0442002602]

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Solder Balls | 31 March, 2009

lol!, they are in the middle of some 0805 and the diameter dunno but they are small.

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Solder Balls | 3 April, 2009

What you have described are actually called Solder Beads for clarification. Solder beads and solder balls though closely related, are quite different. For a good read on how to eliminate them before they form check out this article :⊂section=Display&ARTICLE_ID=125633&KEYWORD=stencil

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Solder Balls | 4 April, 2009

Thanks I will read it


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