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CyberOptics AOI

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CyberOptics AOI | 9 April, 2009

We are looking to buy an AOI and 2 SPI machines. 3 AOI vendors we had one hour demo with at are MVP, VISCOM and CyberOptics. Before making our decision, we would like your feedback and experiences with those vendors. We would like info regarding how your systems are working for you. Feel free to contact me offline at



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CyberOptics AOI | 9 April, 2009

Hi Dominic, By any chance did you look at yestech? I have a couple of their systems and have one dedicated for SPI. A while back, I did look at the CyberOptics SPI system, and while a very good system, I couldn't get the ROI into a range that was good for my model.

Just my two cents

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